Photo shoot
Waiting on the models so I can get to the business of shooting the cover photo for the book.
Very excited that this day is finally here. In 2 months the book will be available for sale.


The photo shoot was spectacular. The girls were gorgeous and we got a cover shot that is perfect. Thanks to Courtney E and Becks H
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So I started writing a new story and needed some beta readers to give a thumbs up/down for general interest. I posted late last night on Facebook asking for 2 people to give it a whirl. I got 17 offers! I picked the 2 that replied first (if they are up that late they're bored and need something to do anyway) and then I picked a +1 just for fun.
The first person to get back with me was Marlene Wynn, who gave some awesome feedback and a little suggestion to make the story flow better. So thanks my friend. I need all the help I can get sometimes (most times!).
The others I'm still waiting to hear back from but I'll definitely have an idea whether to pursue this story or just get back to Book 2 of "love/life".
I'm going to be gone this weekend so won't have a time to update but in the event I have a quick minute, I'll try and throw you guys a bone.
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It's Tuesday
Another terrific weekend is in the book. I did what I needed to do most. SLEEP! I think I'm good for another couple of weeks now.
Yesterday Bob and I spent the day doing car stuff. Getting a new stereo installed in my car and cleaning up our rides. Man did mine ever need a good cleaning. Between the Dude and the babies, it was just a bit filthy.
Dinner and Top Gear followed and then it was back to the task of writing.
I started a new untitled work. I think if I give it my all, it could be finished by the end of June. That way I have time to promote "love/life" when it hits ebook stores.
I'm throwing in a photo of my sweet guy just for fun. He makes me smile.
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Got an email from the submissions director at FireFly & Wisp publishing that they are willing to sign me as a client. The book will only be available as an ebook for a while but with enough sales and interest I think we can get it in paperback by Christmas.
Very exciting times!
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Stressed out
So I've been on the phone all day with publishing people. They all talk a good game but I'm scared to fork over a shit ton of money. What if they are full of crap & don't fulfill their end of the deal? I'm going to submit to a regular publishing company & see how it goes. Wish me luck
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It was a lonnnng time coming, but its finally here
So the book is finally finished. You have no idea how relieved I am to know that its just an edit away from being a "real live book". So if you want to keep up with the details and you are on Facebook, please add me HERE  or LIKE my Author page HERE

Until you do that or if you are wavering on following me or liking me, here's a snippet from the book. Maybe this will get you on board.

From the novel "love/life"

As she started up the steps she felt a hand on her hip. She turned around to see David smiling.
“Thought I’d help you to find your earring since it appears your little boyfriend is more interested in sitting in the car with your mother,” he said.
“How can I ever repay you?” Adrienne replied as she leaned back and licked her lips.
The plane’s interior was still cool. David pushed her against the leather seat and swiftly untied the her halter-top. It fell down and he marveled at her young succulent breasts with the sexy tan lines.
He grabbed her ass as he leaned in and whispered, “You know how bad I want you right now, baby?”
She leaned back and felt his hands on her flat stomach. He unbuttoned her shorts and slid the zipper down slowly.
She knew it was a dangerous game she was playing. He was her dad’s best friend and had been for longer than she had been alive. But it turned her on too much to stop.
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