June 20th, 2012


First off I'd like to say KUDOS to my good friend and fellow author Lisa C Morgan. She is one month away from the launch of her book "Phoenix Rising". Very exciting times for her. If you love paranormal stories then you should check her out on The Book of Face  LISA C MORGAN - AUTHOR or check out her WEBSITE  Make sure and tell her how you found her if you link from here.

In other important news, I'll be heading out on vacation next month to rejuvenate from all the writing. Bob and I are heading to South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and a small slice of Colorado for two weeks. I can't wait! If we can hit a portion of North Dakota, I will have been in all 48 Continental states. I'll save Hawaii and Alaska for a writing excursion in the future.

I should have the book cover completed and up for your viewing pleasure by the weekend. I'll also post photos of my models who suffered 98 degree weather for several hours last Saturday. They are gorgeous and two of the sweetest girls I've ever met. Thanks Courtney and Becks.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week. Stay safe, read something that makes you happy and above all share my website with your friends! :))


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    I write because I can kill someone in a book and not go to jail. :))


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