What's up peeps? Wow what a crazy summer and beginning of fall here in Texas for me. I've managed to go on a fantastic vacation with the man and added another 3 states to my US travel map. South Dakota was fun but hot, Wyoming was so pretty and a wonderful place to camp, Montana was a quick drive in, drive out but hey it still counts right?

At home we have managed to move to a new house and although we've been here a week there are still lots of boxes still unpacked so if you are bored and want to help, come on over! We will open the door and welcome you in. And even offer a cold beer to you when you finish.

Went back to work in August. Back in the demanding world of the car business. But who can complain when you work with great people?

The big news on the book is that we have a firm release date. October 25th is the big day. The ebook will be available at,, Smashwords and other fine online retailers. And my publishing company, Firefly & Wisp Publishing will be hosting an online release party on Facebook at 7pm CST/8pm EST. I really hope to see all of you there.

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    I write because I can kill someone in a book and not go to jail. :))


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