After some minor controversy, Firefly & Wisp is going thru some changes. Changes that probably should have happened sooner but of course the old adage "don't fix it if it ain't broke" rings a bell. Well perhaps there were things that were broken and now that these issues are known, the owner has began to envision a whole new FF&W. And that can only mean good things for all of us. Especially the authors! New editorial staff & marketing staff have been brought in. A brand new website is being developed and something really cool for our fans. I'm not at liberty to tell what it is at this moment but I will have it featured here on the front page as soon as the announcement is made. So even tho last week scared me with the things that happened, this week has given me so many reasons to be proud of the company that I'm a part of. And I'm truly excited to see where we will all be this time next year.
Until next time, read something that makes you happy. And have an awesome week!


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    I write because I can kill someone in a book and not go to jail. :))


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